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Recovery Coast to Coast

Mar 14, 2022

RC2C host Neil Scott has an up-close recovery conversation with award-winning singer/songwriter Steve Poltz, who wrote the monster hit for Jewel - You Were Made For Me! Steve, who should have been dead many times over,  is a grateful guy in long-term recovery. Check him out onstage:

Mar 11, 2022

RC2C host Neil Scott presents an emotional interview with a former Seattle television personality whose 19-year-old daughter died from a drug overdose. It's a tragic story, filled with inspiration, courage, and hope. 

Mar 11, 2022

Host Neil Scott explores what happens when addiction treatment professionals, who are in recovery, have a relapse. Should they be fired? Allowed to keep their job? Forced into treatment? Scott Kelley, one of the top treatment professionals in Texas, talks about a very successful program, called TAPNET.