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Recovery Coast to Coast

Sep 16, 2022

At the recent 48th Annual TAAP Conference on Addiction Studies (Texas Association of Addiction Professionals), over 900 people gave Dr. Cal Anderson a standing ovation for his legendary service to the recovery community. Following the recognition, RC2C host Neil Scott sat down with Dr. Anderson to talk about...

Aug 26, 2022

RC2C host Neil Scott welcomes one of the top experts on Sexual Addiction, Dr. Rob Weiss, who shines a light on the darkness of Porn Addiction.

He also talks about how we need to replace Codependency with PRO-Dependency!

Check out Dr. Rob at

Jul 25, 2022

Pete Kerns is the President/CEO of one of the oldest treatment centers on the West Coast - Serenity Lane, which is celebrating its 50-year anniversary. He shares the story with RC2C host Neil Scott.

Then a delightful man, Matt Yunker tells of his 29-year adventure in personal recovery.

Plus - Reflections n Recovery from...

Jul 17, 2022

RC2C Host Neil Scott dips into the 'audio archives' and shares a fascinating interview that he did a few years ago with Television and Broadway Actor John Larroquette, who talks about his unique path to long-term recovery.

And Tessa Voss, Administrator of the Betty Ford Treatment Center shares her insight about...

Jul 17, 2022

RC2C host Neil Scott sits down with a representative of the SMART Recovery Program to tackle some myths and explain their program of recovery.

Then Clair G.shares her roller coaster journey in recovery, including a blackout at the age of 12, a series of treatment programs, and a year and a half of 'research' before...