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Recovery Coast to Coast

May 5, 2022

Singer/Songwriter and traveling troubador Scott Cook talks about his personal program of recovery. Plus President Biden talks openly about the community of recovery!

Here are five songs by Scott Cook:

Further Down the Line

Fellas Get Out the Way

Apr 30, 2022

NY Times best-selling author JA Jance joins Neil Scott to talk about her recovering alcoholic character 'JP Beaumont', who started off as a hard drinking homicide cop, who then hit bottom and began his recovery. Jance's latest book about 'Beau' is 'Nothing to Lose'!     Then an RC2C 'audio archive' interview with former...

Mar 14, 2022

RC2C host Neil Scott has an up-close recovery conversation with award-winning singer/songwriter Steve Poltz, who wrote the monster hit for Jewel - You Were Made For Me! Steve, who should have been dead many times over,  is a grateful guy in long-term recovery. Check him out onstage:

Feb 3, 2022

Host Neil Scott welcomes Dr. Thomas McGovern, noted addiction professor emeritus from Texas Tech University, and Lily Dulan, a well respected Southern California psychotherapist and author of the top-selling book: Giving Grief Meaning". Lily is also a woman in long-term recovery. And actress Julie Harris will share...

Dec 7, 2021

Former First Lady Betty Ford's daughter, Susan, shares an intimate account of her mother's descent into addiction, the intervention that saved her life, and her long-term recovery (33 years), including the founding of the Betty Ford Center ( Susan also talks about the gift of recovery for her...