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Recovery Coast to Coast

Sep 24, 2022

With the news of the passing of five-time Major League All-Star Maury Wills, LA Dodger legend, Neil Scott goes back into the RC2C archives for an in-depth interview with Maury, along with co-host Brian Abker.  

Maury reflects on his playing career, his short stint managing the Seattle Mariners, his near-death from...

Sep 21, 2022

Dr. Robb Weiss, Chief Clinical Officer at 'Seeking Integrity,' a Southern California residential treatment program, proposes a paradigm shift to 'Prodependence,' actually supporting those who love a person suffering from addiction.

And Actress Ali McGraw speaks candidly about seeking approval from others.

Aug 30, 2022

On a recent visit to the UK, Neil Scott meets up with an Irish Singer/Songwriter who shares a rather unique path of recovery. And Greg Pearle exudes recovery! Here are a few links to Greg's performances in Henley-on-Thames, as well as a song with special meaning: Better Days!


Aug 1, 2022

Neil Scott hosts the very prolific NY Times Best-Selling Author Anne Lamott, who talks about one of her many books, as well as her sobriety, which she calls a gift that she keeps sharing with others.

And Award Winning Actress Ali McGraw shares some Reflections on Recovery about Forgiveness!

May 5, 2022

Singer/Songwriter and traveling troubador Scott Cook talks about his personal program of recovery. Plus President Biden talks openly about the community of recovery!

Here are five songs by Scott Cook:

Further Down the Line

Fellas Get Out the Way