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Recovery Coast to Coast

Jan 13, 2023

How much to physicians know about addiction? Some would say 'not much at all.' Others might say 'not nearly enough.' It's all a part of 'White Coat Denial'! In this edition of RC2C, host Neil Scott has an extensive conversation with a legendary doctor who is making a difference. He's Dr. Nicholas Pace, former medical...

Jan 6, 2023

RC2C Host Neil Scott dips into the RC2C audio archives for an amazing interview he did with NFL Legend Thomas 'Hollywood' Henderson, whose career was cut short due to his addiction to alcohol and other drugs. He finally spent months in treatment before going to prison - sober - for over 2 years. He maintained his...

Dec 8, 2022

RC2C host Neil Scott shares two interviews with Mult-Grammy Award Winner Bonnie Riatt, about her one-day-at--time personal recovery. The first is an extensive interview that was originally aired on the anniversary of Recovery Coast to Coast's 700th radio show on iHeart Radio in Seattle, and the second, done just a few...

Sep 24, 2022

With the news of the passing of five-time Major League All-Star Maury Wills, LA Dodger legend, Neil Scott goes back into the RC2C archives for an in-depth interview with Maury, along with co-host Brian Abker.  

Maury reflects on his playing career, his short stint managing the Seattle Mariners, his near-death from...

Sep 21, 2022

Dr. Robb Weiss, Chief Clinical Officer at 'Seeking Integrity,' a Southern California residential treatment program, proposes a paradigm shift to 'Prodependence,' actually supporting those who love a person suffering from addiction.

And Actress Ali McGraw speaks candidly about seeking approval from others.